Strawberry picking

I LOVE strawberries, and Dutch strawberries are quite a distinct kind. They tend to be rounder and smaller than Californian strawberries, and are super fragrant. Many Dutchies will argue that “Hollandse aardbeien” are the lekkerste, *whisper* but I don’t really agree.

Descaling a fish

My cooking skills are improving daily but there are tons of things I still don’t know how to do yet. The other day I bought a whole salmon filet, and it needed to be descaled… This has never occurred to me before in the US because the fish sellers in Chinatown will usually descale it for […]

Food festivals galore

The days are getting longer and the temperature is becoming higher, summer is here! There are a ton of festivals in the Netherlands during the summer, such as music, dance and my favorite – food. I have been to 2 food festivals so far, Taste of Amsterdam and Rollende Keukens.