Bomb threat at the Dam Square

wpid-wp-1403869796220.jpeg On Wednesday, there was a bomb threat at the Dam Square. They had evacuated the area and closed off the entire square along with the two long streets leading to the square, Damrak and Rokin. Read the news article here. I was in the area because I planned to do some shopping on Kalverstraat which was open, and I found it strange that they only closed off Damrak and Rokin, but left Kalverstraat open. This isn’t Bombermam, bombs don’t explode in a cross shape!


Coming from New York City, I’m no stranger to bomb threats and was able to guess quickly what was going on despite the police not providing any details. However, it was still jarring to see that happen here in Amsterdam. The Netherlands is such a safe place and it isn’t usually a target for terrorist threat; there was nothing special about that Wednesday, there were no diplomatic visitors or summits that I knew of.

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