World Cup fever

Last night was the semi-finals, with the Netherlands playing against Argentina. I actually had tickets to see LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring in Concert at the Concertgebouw for that same night, and in true nationalistic spirit, they moved the concert an hour earlier so that attendees could watch the game!

The Concertgebouw is certainly a strange place to watch a football match, given it’s reputation for classical music but that didn’t deter any Dutchies. Clad in orange they enjoyed the concert, and many even changed into orange after the concert.

It was truly a night of 2 very different things mixing together. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I think the crowd was less rowdy than at a bar.

Sadly the Dutch team lost and WK fever is over, but at least they made it to the semi-finals and I won’t be losing anymore sleep. These long games late at night are exhausting!

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