Koningsdag (King’s Day)

Koningsdag @ Vondelpark
Koningsdag @ Vondelpark

Today was my (and many other people’s) first Koningsdag, and it was pretty amazing!

Koningsdag which translates to King’s Day is a national Dutch holiday, and is basically a celebration of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. There is a fascinating history behind it and you can read more about on Wikipedia. So how do the Dutch celebrate this national holiday?

  1. Wear orange
    Orange is the national color and this day, everyone gets decked out in it! For the latest in orange fashion, you must visit the Netherlands on Koningsdag. Since there are so many people, sometimes you see a sea of orange.
  2. Sell their old stuff
    On Koningsdag, people do not need a license to sell stuff and therefore everyone puts their old things out for sale. Places┬ásuch as Vondelpark are solely for children and allow for them to sell their old toys and books. The Dutch are known for their frugality, but most people don’t realize how resourceful they are. They don’t let things go to waste and there isn’t any stigma surrounding used items (like there is in Asian culture).
  3. Party hard
    No matter what the occasion is, the Dutch LOVE to party! There are stages scattered throughout the city and once people hear the music, their feet just can’t help but move to the beat. Of course, for those with 2 left feet there is always beer!

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