Descaling a fish

My cooking skills are improving daily but there are tons of things I still don’t know how to do yet. The other day I bought a whole salmon filet, and it needed to be descaled… This has never occurred to me before in the US because the fish sellers in Chinatown¬†will usually descale it for you, but here they do not do that.

Thankfully we have the internet! I searched on Youtube and found a great video (featured below), and it was actually a lot of fun to do it (messy but fun).

Here are some things/tips I’ve learnt from descaling a fish for next time:

  • Use a large spoon or a long knife, I prefer the spoon because I found the curvature to be helpful in “scooping” the scales
  • Scrape the spoon against the grain of the ¬†scales
  • Wear an apron and clear your work space, the scales will fly everywhere

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