Dear Munni,

You have been an amazing dog and we will miss you dearly.

I still remember when we first adopted you from the shelter – you were so small, pink and quiet. We took you for a walk around the block and ended up falling in love with you. On the way home, you fell asleep in our laps. You shivered a lot those first few months and we were so worried, we hugged you constantly and Mom made you clothes to keep you warm. Potty training you was really hard, but the first time you successfully used the wee-wee pad we all cheered! You were startled and confused but eventually learned and we were so proud. You even learned other neat tricks too! Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

You’ve brought us countless amounts of happiness and laughter. You loved to sunbathe and that first summer you even had sunspots on your belly – we were so worried at first! Even when it was cold out, you would sit in the sun because the floor was too cold to lie down on. Sometimes you would guard our house from intruders, barking at them until they proved they were a friend through a delicious treat. You kept us company while we watched our nightly TV dramas and you even knew when it was over and would get ready for bed. Though we didn’t speak dog, you understood us and we were amazed at how smart you were.

Sometimes you did things that were strange and sneaky – the time you sat in the garden while we were planting and decided to munch on Grandma’s flowers. Were they really that delicious? Or when you were constantly sneaking into the living room or upstairs which you knew was off-limits? Slowly but surely you sneaked your way deep into our hearts and we couldn’t help but share your cuteness with our friends or anyone who would listen.

You were the best dog I could have ever asked for and we love you. I hope you are in place filled with bones, plushy toys and sun, a place where you are safe from thunder and fireworks. Rest in peace and good bye.

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