“The Woman in White” by Wilkie Collins

This is the 51st book I have finished reading from the BBC list. “The Woman in White” is a detective novel written as a series of letters, diary entries and eye witness accounts from various people. The narrator explained that the story is told in this way because the court evidence was presented in this way.

The story is very captivating and often leaves you on tantalizing cliff hangers as it shifts from one person to another. Just like the jury, you piece the evidence together and at the end, finally realize the crime.

My next book to read, which is not on the list, is the premise for the next big thing – “The Hunger Games”. After seeing the movie, I became hooked on the story and due to the fact that the public library wait-list had 800+ people on it, I impulsively purchased the whole trilogy.

Let the Hunger Games begin, and may the odds ever be in your favor.

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